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Phil Carden


Phil Carden is the Portfolio Manager of the Supervised Global Income Fund.  Phil’s career in the securities business spans over 35 years, during which time he has successfully traded a wide range of bonds in international markets including; corporate, asset-backed, sovereign, derivative, and hybrid debt securities.

In the 80s, Phil was responsible for the formation and management of Macquarie Bank’s debt securities division in both Australia and London. During a period of great success for the bank, Phil, an executive director, developed a highly successful operation which was at the vanguard of developing new and innovative derivative products across a wide range of fixed-income securities.

Following this, Phil was responsible for restructuring the Victorian Government’s $7 billion public debt portfolio. Simultaneously, his private investment company managed a $500 million debt security portfolio for AMP Society, now AMP Life Ltd.

After the Global Financial Crisis, Phil saw immense opportunity in high value, cheaply purchased bonds. As Portfolio Manager of the Supervised Global Income Fund, Phil uses his expertise in global debt securities to strive for steady returns amid volatile markets.

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