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The Supervised Fund

The Supervised Fund has proven consistent success evident in
its 10-year outperformance of the major stock indices.

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Supervised Global Income Fund

Has provided good income and growth for investors since
the fund's inception in April 2009.

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Experienced Analysts

We target securities and markets that have catalysts for substantial
growth and employ significant risk management practises.

Our Funds
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History of Supervised Investments

Supervised Investments Australia Limited (SIAL) was born out of Supervised Investments Limited (SIL), an international equities investment fund established in September 1999 by David Constable, who at the time was living in London. On 1 December 2007, SIAL launched an Australian based international equities fund, The Supervised Fund, into which Supervised Investments Limited was subsequently merged.

Following the GFC, SIAL saw fit to adapt to the uncertain financial landscape by expanding its investment focus into debt securities. This led to the establishment of the Supervised Global Income Fund in February 2009, headed by Australian debt market specialist Philip Carden.


SIAL is driven by a philosophy best summed up as “conservative opportunism”. This comprises a fundamental research driven approach with substantial risk articulation and management practices. The philosophy has been refined over many years and prospered through many market cycles

Our investment process differs for each of our funds. For a more detailed explanation, see Supervised Global Income Fund and The Supervised Fund.

Charitable Donations

The directors of SIAL believe charitable giving should be a fundamental element of corporate life. Therefore, 10% of any performance fee earned by SIAL from The Supervised Fund will be given to charitable causes.

Some previous recipients are the Federation of University Chancellors’ Circle, Musica Viva, Opera Australia, the Westmead Hospital, and World Vision.
This approach is consistent with the model SIL employed between 1999 and 2007, during which it donated over US$300,000 to medical, musical and educational charities.

Our Funds

The Supervised Fund: The Supervised Fund is a global equity fund. The Fund’s trading platform identifies and monitors positions from more than 81,000 equities in over 80 stock exchanges.

The Supervised Global Income Fund: The Fund invests in global debt markets and is designed with the objective of minimising capital loss and delivering a positive return in excess of its Benchmark in both rising and falling markets.